May 2018

To Our Prayer Force,

Several years ago, we shared that DONGJUN & MINSOOK (from Korea) had become Christians, got baptized, joined our church – & then returned to Korea. They found a good church in Seoul & have been teaching Sunday School. A couple years ago, we shared about KEERA who, along with her twins, JUN & KATE, attended our Bible Study & church nearly every week – & that, in Nancy’s Children’s Church, Jun & Kate made professions of faith. A couple days ago, they skyped us from Korea, & they told us about a good church that they found in Seoul. Now that these two families live in the same city, we’re hoping they can meet so they can encourage each other. Sadly, Keera’s husband, KIM, has never been interested in spiritual conversation.

Nancy continues to have a wonderful time with SHIRLEY as they study the book of John together. In preparation each week for the Bible Study, Shirley reads the next chapter in John – & writes down pages of questions. Then, at the Bible Study, Nancy answers her questions. Last week, Shirley said that she knows that the whole Bible is true. However, we think that her husband, Tony, is holding her back, so please pray for him also. Also,Nancy has started meeting with (unsaved) BINSHIN (from China) for English Conversation. At their last meeting, BinShin brought up the topic of “church!”

In previous prayer letters, we’ve asked you to pray for TRAIN who became a Christian last Christmas. (His wife & daughter are in China.) A month ago, he was baptized! Please keep praying for several unsaved students who attend our Chinese Bible Study: LEE, TINA, YE, Y.U., HON & MEOW. This past Friday, IRIS’ husband, CHUN LEI, attended his first time. Iris is a new Christian; Chun Lei is not a Christian. Chun Lei is a post-doc student in Physics & prefers to believe what he can see (the empirical) rather than believe what he can’t see (for ex., that Jesus bore our sins & rose from the dead).Â

A few weeks ago, Nancy & I attended a U of CO Jewish Department event – where a Jewish lady submitted, “While growing up we sang about the Messiah, but it never meant anything.” We’re praying that we’ll be able to interact with her this Thursday, as the Jewish Department is sponsoring a high voltage panel on the Dead Sea Scrolls (which Nancy & I recently saw on exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science). The panel will include professors from Union Theological Seminary, the U of Strasbourg & more. Their anti-supernatural bias (for ex., that Isaiah couldn’t have predicted King Cyrus & the Persians) will be radically different than our presupposition / starting point: God has preserved His Word!

Finally, Nancy & I are praying about going to Israel with our church family – in January. If any of you would like to help us financially, that would be highly appreciated! We’re a bit concerned about our safety, as several people have recently been killed in Gaza. (I’m beginning to second-guess why Nancy is so enthusiastic about me going to Gaza. Should I cancel my life insurance policy? Ha).

Thank you for helping us financially over the decades! Your generous gifts have enabled us to pay for Chelsea’s violin & lessons. A couple weeks ago, she played in the Boulder Symphony, & she plays at our church. Last week Chelsea graduated from Clarks Summit U – debt free. This fall she’ll be teaching music at a school which is only 20 minutes from where we live.Â

Enjoying the Journey,

Tom & Nancy Miller (U of Colorado; Campus Bible Fellowship / Baptist Mid-Missions)

Attached pics: Chelsea, Train (far right) and Meow, Nancy & Iris