We are Incorporated!


We have been asking you to pray for the return of our incorporation paperwork for several months.  It is necessary for us to prove our non-profit status to the school board in order to continue renting from the public school.  They have granted us grace twice by signing our rental permits while we awaited the incorporation paperwork from the state.

Two weeks ago we were disappointed to receive a rejection letter from the state.  They wanted us to file at the county level under a different provision of the law.  This was not possible when we originally sent in our paperwork, because at that time we did not have six people qualified to be members of our church.  However, in the interim, we baptized two people, and two others expressed their willingness to transfer their membership.  With my wife and I, this gave us the necessary six people!

On Sunday, May 20th, we formed an official membership at Emmaus Road Baptist Church with these six, and voted on the new incorporation paperwork to file with Bronx County.  On May 21st, the County Clerk approved our Ceritifcate of Incorporation.  We are praising the Lord for providing this necessary paperwork!  Thank you for your prayers on our behalf!

Sharing Christ in “da Bronx”,
Ben & Andrea Hamilton
Elaine, Nolan, Liberty, Nehemiah, & Henry