October 5-9, was the celebration of the 49th anniversary of the Bible College.  This celebration was all virtual.  Dr. Evis Caballosa preached each day on eschatology.  Two alumni from the first and second GRADUATION classes preached from the USA.  Three other pastors, that were teaching via zoom or taught when ministering in Peru, preached in the evenings.  All of them challenged us to serve the LORD with faithfulness and excellence.

We were asked to be witnesses for a couple in our church at their civil wedding on October 15.  We were rejected because of our age.  That was a sad disappointment for all four of us.  Only one City Hall was open in a city of one million people, because of the pandemic.

          October 31, was our Bible College graduation.  Two students graduated as pastors, one as an assistant pastor and teacher in a Bible Institute in a large jungle town, and another will become pastor of a new church plant.

Government permission was given for church services on November 15, after eight months of pandemic, with a restriction of 30% of the capacity, plus several other restrictions.  No children under 12 and no adults over 64 are allowed to meet, which means the pastor cannot attend.  That would be another disappointment, but God is in control.  Our deacons decided to wait until December 6, to see how things will be going, and to allow us time to buy all the extra items needed to fulfil the government restrictions.

Our 2021 physical camp retreats have been cancelled, which is another disappointment, but God knows best.  We will let you know next month what the plans are for having two weeks of virtual camps.

Our 2020 airline tickets that were cancelled due to the pandemic, had to be redeemed by November 13.  We are now scheduled to arrive in Iowa for our grandson’s wedding in May, and plan to attend a Family Reunion in August.  We will see what the Lord does in 2021.

The LORD does what He pleases, which is always best.  I Thessalonians 5:18

says, “Give thanks to God in all circumstances, for this is the will of God…”

Your prayers are so important to us and our ministries.  Thank you for praying.

Stephen and Evelyn Stilwell

Post Office Box 308011,   Cleveland, OH 44130