I ask a prayer request during this time. One March 6th a missionary couple, l from Lima, came  to speak for our Bible College opening.  A mother and her son of 14 months came March 04th to spend a couple of weeks with us.  On March 10 her husband came with the 4 year old son and another couple with a 4 year old girl came to live with us for the week-end!!  All six of these are from Cusco.  The four parents are graduates for our Bible College.

On March 13 the 4 year boy came down with Chicken Pox.  All of them were planning to leave March 17th.

The 14th  the government said 24 hour isolation for 15 days, they had the evening to travel.  The family with the girl took off on the first bus they could find, but got only as far as Lima and no more transportation.   Because of the Chicken Pox and his age being subject to the corona virus, he could not travel.   SO THEY ARE STUCK WITH US.  The boys are not the best behaved – so it is hard on them and hard on us.  Pray for my patience!!   Cooking for double and my old age with ages of great grandchildren!!  Martha has to go out and do all the shopping.  Bless her heart for being with us!!!

Thank you so much for your prayers.  We may be on another 15 day 24 hour isolation.   We are pretty well here in Trujillo but what will happen next week.  If it is God’s will that Martha would not carry home the virus from the market – we do have to eat –ha!

God bless you for your friendship – my greetings to your parents!!! And church family.