Dear Praying Friends,

Life is very interesting these days. Germany is still under strict lockdown. Churches are still permitted to meet. The government decided to extend the lockdown till March 7. At that point they will consider opening things back up again. Church services are permitted under strict rules. One of those is that singing is not permitted. This means if we want music in our services it has to be recorded ahead of time. Never would I have imagined that I would be producing music videos to show during church, but here we are and I produce one once a week.

Baby. Leslie was able to schedule her induction on her due date (March 8th). We are so thankful that the doctor has allowed for this (this is not normal here in Germany). The baby could still come any time between then and now. Please pray for a safe and healthy delivery for mom and baby.

TTZ. Our Theological Training Institute (TTZ) still meets online. Participation has been record breaking in all of our classes. It is exciting to see the excitement for the Word of God. I will be taking time off when the baby comes and the pastor of the church in Nuremberg and fellow teacher Volker Weise will be jumping in for me.

School. The kids are still in at-home-online-schooling. The kids do well. The grade schoolers are allowed to head back to school next week under strict rules. We are glad to have Tobias (1st Grade) to be heading back as it has been difficult to keep him focused. Please pray for the remaining kids as they remain in at home schooling and will be for some time.

Counseling. I had requested prayer for “A.” She has never called nor requested any help. She is a close friend of someone at church, so she does gets biblical advice from her. Please continue to pray for “A”. I meet with “G” again this Friday. He and his wife are dealing with some serious things. God has been gracious and their relationship has improved over the past few weeks. Please pray for these scheduled and non-scheduled counseling moments.

We are thankful for God’s daily strength and his provision. Thank you for supporting and praying for us!

For His Glory,

Mark and Leslie Boyd

Leslie surprised me with a valentine’s date. Crystal (our coworker) watched our kids as we picked up some food at a restraunt and ate it at Crystal’s apartment. It was nice to get away just the two of us for a few hours!

We are ready for the baby to come. The Baby-Bed is setup. The kids are excited to meet their baby!