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Dear Prayer Partner,                                                   May 25, 2022

Neither of us had a clue we would be talking about babies on our 24th anniversary date! Unfortunately, as the Lord willed, we lost a baby (only 2.5 months along in pregnancy). We know God has a reason for this and we hope to use this experience to help others in the future.  Talitha is still recovering from the miscarriage; we appreciate your prayers. If the Lord has placed you in a challenging situation; let Him be glorified through it. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, James 1:17

Praise the Lord Sophia and Michelle arrived safely from South Carolina for the summer and all 4 of our children successfully completed their year in High School/College. During the March men’s grill out it was great to have Talitha’s dad share his testimony of being saved while in the Air Force in Turkey; also Yury and Bryan (who are unsaved) attended!

Praise the Lord for great turnout for the Baptism in March and for Easter Sunday in April; it was wonderful to see some new faces and some “old faces” (some who had not attended in person since Covid started!).  On Mother’s day, it was extra special because Dariel and Mey (Cuba) dedicated their 2 month old baby boy to the Lord.Â

Pray for the salvation of: Luis David (Venezuela), Yusneidi and Lisandra (Cuba).  Luis David has been asking a lot of questions about salvation ever since his dad (Reinaldo) got baptized and the two ladies mentioned above have come 3 Sundays now with no church background.

Pray for these upcoming events: This Saturday (28th) Church Cook Off & Carnival along with the Korean, Chinese and English churches (who are all individual churches but meet in the same church building at different times on Sunday).  This will be a great community outreach event! June 6-10 Youth Camp. June 13-17 Vacation Bible School. June 19th Father’s day. July 3 evening Teen and College age bonfire in our backyard.

PROJECTS: New church sign, Bibles and tracts. Anyone who would like to join TEAM CHIESA may message us or go online: cmcmissions.org/donate  We appreciate your faithful prayers and financial support. Thanks to those who donated to the last project! God bless you

Reaching Latinos for Christ,Â

Dario & Talitha Chiesa Â

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