To Our Faithful Prayer Force,


Many of you have asked about the Boulder fire. Well, one of our former U of Iowa students lost his home, & two of our Chinese friends lost their home. My dad’s condo was in the path of the fire but only got ash in the windows. Our house was a couple miles away, though the 70+ mph wind could easily have carried a spark & burned down our neighborhood.


This week we’ve been “tabling” in the Student Union at CU. Two days ago, BRANDON stopped by & talked. He told me that he was raised Church of Christ, so we discussed baptismal regeneration….     Later, CHERYL (from India) stopped by. I asked her if she was a Hindu & if she believed in reincarnation; she replied, “yes.” So I compared reincarnation with resurrection. Cheryl also told me that, after she dies, her sister will pour clean water over her ashes, & the water will wash away her sins. I replied that the Bible would say that water can’t wash away sins & that only Jesus can. Finally, she told me that she’s lonely & wondered who she could talk to. So I told her that Nancy would be happy to talk to her.     Later, ANDREW stopped by & said that he’s Jewish. So I asked him who he thought the Messiah was. Then I cited verses with the “pierced” motif & pointed to our [Jesus is the] “Bridge” tract. He then acknowledged, “This makes me think that the Messiah could be Jesus!”     Later, KAYLEE asked, “Why were the non-canonical books not included in the Bible?”


Yesterday, a Muslim & his friend stopped by. The Muslim said that Muslims & Christians believe in the same Jesus, just a different name. So I asked him if he believed that Jesus is the Son of God; he replied, “No.” So I said, “Then we don’t both believe in the same Jesus.”     Later, DIEGO stopped by & asked how our brain is evidence for the existence of God (per the question we’re displaying).     Later, TANNER stopped by (again). He’s a Catholic missionary who doesn’t understand salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.     Later, JACKSON asked why he feels like an evil spirit wants him to do evil. As he was leaving, he said that he would attend our Bible study this Friday night!     Later, KOLONDJAN said that he was in a hurry but asked, “How do we know that the Bible is God’s Word?” He was taken back when I gave him our tri-fold that is entitled, “How Do We Know that the Bible Is God’s Word?”     This morning, WILL asked questions about evolution. He’s a Christian; and I encouraged him to visit our Bible study & church (which we love)! … Ditto with C.J.


This Friday night, I’m planning to teach, “I am the way, the truth & the life…”. Last semester, AMBER, CONG, EPHON, JB, GUO, MENG, CAROLE & ITCHY attended; Itchy is the only Christian.


On Monday nights, we’re teaching our “That You May Believe – John Studies” with our dear friends, YUFEI & CICY (from China). Yufei already has a PhD, & Cicy just got accepted into a PhD program at Michigan State. They’re brilliant, but only our Father can reveal that Jesus is the Son of God (Matt. 16:17). I’m attaching a pic when they invited us to their home. I recently teased Cicy who believes in evolution, “I think that your dinner ‘evolved.’”


Speaking of our John Studies, they’re an improved version of what my parents & we have used with hundreds of students over the decades. Nancy & I recently spent days doing almost nothing but editing our previous edition. I’m attaching a copy, though my editor is putting it in a format that will print in booklet  form. If you want a copy, and / or if you want a copy of my teacher’s notes, let me know.


Thank you for your faithful prayers! We’re LOVING the beginning of this semester!


With the goal of shepherding sheep who are without a Shepherd,

Tom & Nancy Miller (U of Colorado in Boulder; Campus Bible Fellowship / Baptist Mid-Missions)