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  • 2021 Camp Scholarship

    Camp Scholarship 2021 March 7- May 2 (9wks)   Level one 1-2 grade 12.5     Have a missionary letter read to you (found on church web site) and draw and color a picture of the missionaries work 12.5     Have biographical sketch Read to you and print pictures from web or other books.  (Material will be […]Read More »
  • Is COVID 19 the beginning of the End?

    Is COVID 19 the beginning of the End? I have heard several people in different context make reference to the end times and the tribulation.  I want to examine the question; is this the beginning of the Tribulation? The answer to that question is no, but it may be before you finish reading this post.  […]Read More »
  • The Christian life: simple but not easy

    There is no easy element to the Christian life. Though the principals are basic and the mechanics of it are simple none of it comes easily.  We may wish that it would be a natural overflow of a heart that loves the lord but the reality is quite different, if we wait for it to […]Read More »
  • 2018 Camp Scholarship

    2018 Camp Scholarship

    Camp Scholarship 2018 Requirements and Documents March 4 – May 6   (9 weeks) The full packet is available here to download and print: Camp Scholarship 2018. Be sure not to lose your sheets once they start to be filled out! The summary is also available here: Level one – 1-2 grade ⅛ Have a missionary letter […]Read More »
  • Run to Win!

    Run to Win!

    For the first time we have a child in public school sports.  Our oldest has joined the track team. Because he has never raced before – yet is blessed with an athletic build and spirit – it was my expectation that he would make significant improvements through the season but would not be a top […]Read More »

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