Darrel was born in a pastor’s home, so the Word of God was a constant part of his life. On a Sunday evening when he was six, Darrel asked Christ to be his Savior. Lori grew up attending a Gospel-preaching church regularly. One evening after their family devotions, when she was six or seven, Lori asked Jesus to be her Savior.

They met at Faith Baptist Bible College. Darrel and Lori were married in 1983. While Darrel was still a student at FBBC, he began a youth pastorate at First Baptist Church in Brayton, Iowa. While serving in Brayton, they were blessed with two children; Stephanie and Stacy.

God has given many opportunities to serve and learn over the years. Darrel worked for a phototypesetting and composition company while he was a youth pastor. Many times he questioned why he was working in a secular place when his desire was to serve the Lord full-time. God knew what he needed to learn and how much time it would take. God prepared and called Darrel and Lori to a very specific ministry – the Spanish Publication Division of Baptist Mid-Missions (EBI).

Darrel is the production manager of the EBI print shop and Lori helps in the accounting department.