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2022 Camp Scholarship program: Earn Your Way to Camp!

by Mike Martin

The camp scholarship program is basically unchanged from last year.  I added a few Chapters to choose from for memorization for those who have memorized much in the past.  Those planning to go on the Creation Museum trip may be required to memorize a passage selected for them with the idea that all that go […]

February 19, 2017

by Doug Neiner

Organist Vicki Christensen Pianist Penny Beaman Prelude Hymn #150 “He Lifted Me” Scripture Reading – Psalm 145 Prayer of Praise – Dan Riker Worship of God in Tithes & Offerings Chorus of the Month #401 “Be an Example” Announcements & Pastoral Prayer Special Music – The Gerlock Ladies Hymn #108 “The Love of God” Nursery […]