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2022 Camp Scholarship program: Earn Your Way to Camp!

by Mike Martin

The camp scholarship program is basically unchanged from last year.  I added a few Chapters to choose from for memorization for those who have memorized much in the past.  Those planning to go on the Creation Museum trip may be required to memorize a passage selected for them with the idea that all that go […]

2021 Camp Scholarship

by Mike Martin

Camp Scholarship 2021 March 7- May 2 (9wks)   Level one 1-2 grade 12.5     Have a missionary letter read to you (found on church web site) and draw and color a picture of the missionaries work 12.5     Have biographical sketch Read to you and print pictures from web or other books.  (Material will be […]

Paragraph Summary Assignment for 1 John

by Doug Neiner

The assignment for next week (July 1) is to take the 30 paragraphs in the book of 1 John, and summarize each one in three words or less. Pastor suggested finding a Bible that has paragraphs, but no headings so the summaries are your thoughts, not those of the translation you are using. Due to […]

2018 Camp Scholarship

by Mike Martin

Camp Scholarship 2018 Requirements and Documents March 4 – May 6   (9 weeks) The full packet is available here to download and print: Camp Scholarship 2018. Be sure not to lose your sheets once they start to be filled out! The summary is also available here: Level one – 1-2 grade ⅛ Have a missionary letter […]

Camp Scholarship 2017

by Mike Martin

Once again, we will be allowing the kids and teens to work toward a camp scholarship by memorizing verses and completing a number of ministry focused tasks.

FBBC youth rally and campus visit days

by Mike Martin

Join Us for a Youth Rally with Morris Gleiser Your youth group is invited to attend a rally on our campus with evangelist Morris Gleiser on Wednesday, April 19th, at 7:00pm. You won’t want to miss this this evening of challenging preaching with teenagers from across the state! To register, email, or call us […]

Back on track Youth Conference

by Mike Martin

2016 Back On Track November 18-19 @Ankeny Baptist Church “The Spiritual Disciplines” Speaker: Brain Trainer Schedule Friday, November 20 6:15 PM – Registration 7:00 PM – Main Session #1 8:30 PM – Supper Saturday, November 21 9:00 AM – Main Session #2 10:30 AM – Panel Discussion 11:30 AM – Main Session #3 12:30 PM […]