Stephen and Evelyn Stilwell’s Prayer Letter

Missionaries to Peru, S. A.






January 4, the first day of camp here in Trujillo our cook was ill, so a lady in Martha’s church was asked the first day of camp if she would cook.  She said she had never cooked for more that 20 people.  Fortunately, that first retreat there were less than 50 people.  Martha became assistant cook. Praise the Lord, a high school teacher in Martha’s church had volunteered to help at camp during his summer vacation.  So, he took Martha’s place in the concession stand and helped in the kitchen, too.



Saturday, January 7, when we thought all was well and we could travel to Sullana, the Lord changed our plans.  Evelyn had a mini stroke around 4.30 pm.  Martha and I rushed her to the ER.  After all exams, there was not a sign of another blood clot.  Praise the LORD that it just went right on through without stopping!  On Tuesday she was released from the clinic.


Monday we were to travel to Sullana to minister to the area Pastor and wives’ retreat.  We were disappointed.  The churches there have a a new campground, plus we were looking forward to the fellowship with the fifty plus pastors and their wives.  But the Lord said, “no”.  Evelyn needed some time to recuperate and adjust her medications.



January 10, the cook had surgery, so a second lady from Martha’s church was asked to help the first lady.  Martha became helper to both ladies.  Evelyn and I were able to go out on Friday to visit the last day of family camp.  The construction on the chapel had come to a screeching halt. Since the rain had not started in that part of the mountains, the river had very little water.  So, our camp well was very low.  We dug it out what we could without outside help.  We were only able to fill the swimming pool about halfway.  The men’s bathroom got plugged up during family camp.  But there were many good decisions made during family camp by men.



January 16 began children’s camp.  The roads were closed until 3.00 pm, due to political protests.  The camp did not have electricity for 48 hours.  A large transformer was damaged and would not be fixed for a week.  Thus, we had to use the generator, but for only three hours at a time. 


Satan was working overtime against our camp season.  However, up to this time the spiritual results have been great.  The Lord is still doing his mighty work.  This past week there were 150 campers at youth retreat with many decisions for salvation and dedication.



Thank you once again, for all your prayers. God bless you each of you.


Stephen and Evelyn Stilwell


Box 308011, Cleveland, OH 44130