URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: Myanmar Military Draft Threatens Family Safety
We have a very urgent prayer need for our partners in Myanmar. Below is a letter I just received from “T”, who, as you may know, we remove his name for safety concerns.
“I want to tell you about what’s happening in Myanmar right now.
On February 10, 2024, the military announced a conscription law. Since then, soldiers and their supporters have been arresting young people aged 18 to 35 in smaller towns and villages. They are stopping public transport and taking passengers to join the military against their will.
As a result, many people are rushing to get passports, hoping to leave the country and find safety elsewhere. Some have already crossed the border into Thailand and India to escape. Others, like factory workers, have been arrested right where they work. This has left people feeling panicked and scared.
At night, soldiers and their supporters are going from house to house, taking whoever, they want. This has left young people in Bible colleges, workplaces, and schools feeling very afraid.
The situation in Myanmar is getting worse every day. But no matter what happens, I believe that nothing can happen outside the permissive will of God.
Please keep Myanmar in your prayers.” – T
Please pray for our 5 partners in Myanmar. The war is in its 3rd year with no signs of ending.
This draft will include many of our children. This military commits brutal acts on the people of Myanmar. Please pray that our children are not placed in this position.

Some of the young Bible College students from GEM. Please pray they can continue their studies.
Update on Kim’s Health
Please pray for our caregiver Kim in the Grace Home in Myanmar. Her health is declining again. Today I anticipate the family will admit her to the hospital. Please pray for answers, comfort, and hope.

Kim, pictured waving in the center of this picture is often too weak to stand.
HOC is growing by the week! I am thrilled to tell you that one of our moms has trusted Christ as her Savior. Life is changing for her and her little boy. We are also caring for several families who are grateful for our ministry to their children.

Our trauma ministry is now accepting bookings for our 3-hour classes. These can be on-line or in person. We praise God for this new ministry. Please pray that this course will touch many lives for Christ. Call us to learn more!